About Divine

Rose Guardino began her career in culinary discovery over 10 years ago. She began with a cart in the Downtown District among the very first 'food pods' in Portland. She quickly identified with the need for vegetarian menus and began the quest to learn as much as possible to provide her fellow Portlandians the BEST possible combinations of dietary awareness and FLAVOR. 

After 5 years as the dedicated and sole food service provider for NCMN, she decided her place was now, finally, back within the community. Today she brings the flavors, essence and essential ingredients that make her cart more than a 'nosh pit.' 

Today, she proudly presents her Divine Cafe on the Good Food Here lot on 43rd and Belmont to her generous and supportive friends in Portland. Each dish has been designed, tried and tested to bring the diner a fresh and local vegetarian experience.

 Browse the menu, do the rounds; Eat what you've been waiting for...Divine Cafe...A Vegetarian Paradise. 
Rose back at the original cart downtown!
Our new location at 43rd and Belmont!